Monday, 7 July 2008


Let me introduce you to Golden Oak Mochachino.

Golden Oak Mochachino, or Inky as he is known at home, is a two year old Part Bred American Miniature horse Colt. I have had Inky since he was 3 months old. In 2006 I lost my beloved horse Simon to colic. I had had Simon for 19 years and always said I wouldnt have another horse after he had gone. I lasted 2 months! I just couldnt live without one. I decided that i wanted to do something different than just riding and my attention was drawn to the world of miniature horses. I searched the net for a suitable stud and found the Golden Oak stud in berkshire Along I went and eventually chose Inky. I had to wait for him to be weened then I could collect him.

Here are some pictures from when I went to choose him:-

Inky is the one under my left arm!

Inkys Breeding

Sire:- Rio Bella Farms Im A Cowboy

Dam:- Possingworth Park Wendy

Grandsire the famous Multi Champion:- Dels Cowboy

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Lillian said...

Hi Sally,Inky & Ty, really enjoyed seeing baby pictures to showring success. I have a half brother to Inky here in N.Ireland he is a real character too. Congratulations on your recent marriage,and continued success this season.