Monday, 7 July 2008

Chasend troy

During 2007 I decided that Inky needed a companion and along came Chasend Troy, or Ty as he is known at home.
Ty is a 6yr old Silver Dun and White Miniature Shetland gelding. Ty was extreemly obese when I got him and after several months of diet and exercise he is now at an acceptable weight. He and Inky are now best friends and Ty is always showing him who is boss!! They have both settled well together as the following pictures show..

Earlier on this year I clipped Ty to see how his weight loss was going and these were the results..

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bethorror said...

Hi, previous owners of Chasend Troy here! We were thrilled to see pictures of Troy as it has now been 3 years since we sold him. Also glad to see he's being taken to shows (and qualifying!).
Whereabouts in the UK is he?!
Beth and Jo