Friday, 2 January 2009

We have a lorry dog!!

Meet Alfie, born 16th june 2008 flashy red and white boxer who will be accompanying Inky on his shows during 2009!!

Here he is at 9 weeks old

And here he is 6 months old..

An end to 2008!

Well as I posted earlier this year Inky's showing hasnt gone to plan!! After dislocating my knee I found out I had actually tore my cruciate ligament in my knee and Ive had to have reconstructive surgery to it. Sooo ive been only just walking never mind running, so Inky's showing this year came to an abrupt end with us missing the MHCGB championship show and MHOY'S.

He has been having a well earned rest along with Ty and been left to become very hairy!!! Here are a few pics to end our 2008 and begin our 2009 taken on Boxing day.