Monday, 7 July 2008

2008 to date..

Well Inky turned two this year and Ty turned six.

Ive not done much showing to date because ive had lots of planning to do for my wedding, ive had an operation on my eye and recently ive dislocated my left knee bringing Inky in from the field, so i cant do more than a hobble!!!
However what showing we have done has been fantastic with some great results.
I even took Ty to a miniature show this year at Croft and he got two thirds and qualified for the MHCGB National Championship Show!!

Having done only four shows so far Inky has qualified for:-

- Royal London
- The Miniature Horse Of The Year Show
- The Miniature Horse Club Of Great Britain National Grand Championship Show
- The Festival Of Champions summer Championship Show

Weyhill Miniature Horse Show 18.5.08
This show was Inkys biggest success so far. Results as follows:-
1st - IMHPS TB/Arabian 2/3 yr old
1st - MHCGB Show hack
1st - MHCGB Part Bred American
1st - Best turned out
2nd - Solid colour
1st - Best movement

Longton In Hand Championship Show 8.6.08

1st - IMHPS Miniature horse 2 yr olds
Whilst we were there the show secretary asked us if we would do a photo shoot with the Shire horses for sending off to The Heavy Horse Magazine, Showing World Magazine and the IMHPS newletter, so of course we had to oblige!

Chasend troy

During 2007 I decided that Inky needed a companion and along came Chasend Troy, or Ty as he is known at home.
Ty is a 6yr old Silver Dun and White Miniature Shetland gelding. Ty was extreemly obese when I got him and after several months of diet and exercise he is now at an acceptable weight. He and Inky are now best friends and Ty is always showing him who is boss!! They have both settled well together as the following pictures show..

Earlier on this year I clipped Ty to see how his weight loss was going and these were the results..

Our 2007 together.

Well 2007 was a fun packed year for Inky and I. He started his showing career and did fantastically through out the year. We did many shows including local open shows and miniature shows. Inky is registered with the International miniature Horse and Pony Society and the Miniature Horse Club of Great Britain.

During the 2007 season Inky qualified for:-

- The North West Summer Championships
- The Premier UK Showing Championships
- The Festival Of Champions Summer Championship Show
- Royal London
- The Minature Horse of the year Show

He won many classes and was always in the rosettes. His sucesses included an abundance of Firsts, Reserve Championships and Championship wins.

Here are a few pictures of him throughout 2007...

And at the end of the year this is what Inky and i achieved..

Our first winter

Over the first winter with Inky we spent some time getting to know one another. He was soooo tiny and had so much character!!!

Here are a few pictures of our first few months together...


Let me introduce you to Golden Oak Mochachino.

Golden Oak Mochachino, or Inky as he is known at home, is a two year old Part Bred American Miniature horse Colt. I have had Inky since he was 3 months old. In 2006 I lost my beloved horse Simon to colic. I had had Simon for 19 years and always said I wouldnt have another horse after he had gone. I lasted 2 months! I just couldnt live without one. I decided that i wanted to do something different than just riding and my attention was drawn to the world of miniature horses. I searched the net for a suitable stud and found the Golden Oak stud in berkshire Along I went and eventually chose Inky. I had to wait for him to be weened then I could collect him.

Here are some pictures from when I went to choose him:-

Inky is the one under my left arm!

Inkys Breeding

Sire:- Rio Bella Farms Im A Cowboy

Dam:- Possingworth Park Wendy

Grandsire the famous Multi Champion:- Dels Cowboy